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Thanks for the ideas for a unique gift. My husband is SO hard to buy for.

I can't believe it!! I guess we never had the "Lush" conversation when you returned from the UK or when Jim and I returned from Italy last year. We, too, fell in LOVE with that store. While staying in Florence on a typical sidestreet full of ancient buildings, pensiones, retail and churches, we noticed that the store next to our pensione had these incredible smells emanating from the doorway. Every morning when we left our 16th century building, we could smell those wonderful fragrances as we approached the massive wood doors that led to the outside world --we decided we had to investigate. What a wonderful time! We bought a lot of different soaps and some "Bath Bombs" for our friend who was taking care of the kitties back home. We bought a nice bar of soap and used it at our Tuscan hotels and pensiones. We still have a tiny piece of that original bar and we keep by the sink in the kitchen.... when we want a little reminder of our Italian honeymoon, we pick it up and inhale deeply......

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