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Or that is what I say to myself each morning to be sure I have everything (Watch, Wallet, Pen, Phone, Keys). That is the essentials.

To and from work, I carry a bag with paperwork, a book, digicam, notebook, and various electrical distractions, but the bag, I can forget and still survive.

I do that, too! Only I have to assign each item a numerical value, 1 to 4, from my right back-pocket to my left wrist:


#5 is a floater--sometimes it's the iPod, sometimes it's a grocery list. Everything else goes in the man-bag. I always have a book, notepad, camera, aspirin, two Sharpies, and a pack of gum.

Wow I never realized it before but I think my mom is my dads staff...growing up it was always..."give me my glasses, give me a pen, put that in your purse"

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