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Going to make it for my Daniel's birthday. He's 21. Ugh, I'm old.

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Looks amazing, bet it tastes even better!!! I can't wait to make it!!

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One of these men, perhaps even who made the cake base, a recipe shared by a few popular women, one in particular.

Such an awesome recipe for Key Lime Pie. Thank You!

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There are variations on this pie – graham cracker crust, traditional crust; Key limes only or run-of-the-mill limes.

The Remarkable History of the Key Lime Pie Scott Hutcheson,bred 11s
It was sometime around the turn of the century. Not the one marked by the worry of the Y2K bug but the one before that. A fisherman got a sweet tooth and used what he had on hand to whip up a tasty dessert. Sponge fishing was a booming new business in South Florida but the margins were slim so the rations were meager on his boat - some sugar, eggs, canned milk,bred 11s, soda crackers, some nuts, and citrus fruit. Word spread quickly among the fisherman and the cool tart pie became a staple on those fishing trips. One of these men,bred 11s, maybe even the one who made that inaugural pie, shared the recipe with some woman folk,bred 11s.

Historians warn about the dangers of "present-ism," the tendency to interpret the past through the filter of present-day values and knowledge. Oddly, when I'm traveling around the country collecting recipes and food stories, I experience something closer to "past-ism." I'm vulnerable to the conviction that modernity is a pale and artificial imitation of a rich and natural past.

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